George Vreeland Hill at the 2019 Culver City Car Show.

May 17, 2019

Photos of George Vreeland Hill at the 2019 Culver City Car Show.


Photos of George Vreeland Hill

August 24, 2019

Photos of George Vreeland Hill gvh


2019 Culver City Car Show

May 17, 2019

The 2019 Culver City Car Show in Culver City, California, was a big success as 400 cars and trucks spanning many decades were on display.
Show cars, hot rods, famous movie and TV cars, vintage cars and on and on were photographed and gawked at all day.
It was fun for all.
This annual event always draws a crowd.
With live bands and food trucks as well, there is something for everyone and there was plenty as usual.
Veterans Memorial Park was once again host to the show.
It was a great day.
Here are many photos from this, the 16th Culver City Car Show.
George Vreeland Hill

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Culver City Car Show

May 17, 2019

The Culver City Car Show in Culver City, California, is an annual event that takes place once a year on the day before Mother’s Day.
To me, it is the best car show in California.
400 cars and trucks are on display and most are breathtaking.
From vintage to hot rods, this show has it all.
Here are a few photos that show what this event is all about.

George Vreeland Hill

December 6, 2018

Hillary Clinton 1975 Rape Trial

May 10, 2016

In 1975, Hillary Clinton was the attorney for a man who was on trial for raping a 12 year old girl.
The man was facing a maximum sentence of 30 years to life in prison.
Clinton got it reduced to one year and four years probation.
Later, Clinton admitted that she knew the man was guilty.
She even laughed about it and said … “So what.”
Her laughter and words are on tape.
Her actions in this case are being brought to light again.
This must not be taken lightly.…/posts/LU4gnJbV9hL
George Vreeland Hill

Hollywood and Vine

March 29, 2016

This marker about the history of Hollywood and Vine was placed here at the intersection of Hollywood and Vine on November 24, 1953.
George Vreeland Hill

George Vreeland Hill

Hollywood and Vine Marker

Rabbis To Boycott Trump Speech

March 18, 2016

40 rabbis plan to boycott a Donald Trump speech to Jews.
They think Trump can’t be trusted and his words worry them.
Some Jewish people think Trump hates Jews.
Donald Trump does not hate Jews or anyone.
His entire campaign has been totally distorted by those who are threatened by his success.
The voters are not falling for the anti-Trump bs.
Also, Trump has many Jewish friends and he has been a friend and supporter of the Jewish people for decades.
These rabbis are trouble makers who have an agenda of their own.
They are wasting their time.
Trump will speak and Trump will win.
Nothing is going to change the will of the American people.
If these rabbis don’t like Donald Trump, then they should leave the country.
Canada is an option.

George Vreeland Hill

Mitt Romney Calls Donald Trump A Fraud

March 4, 2016

The GOP is getting very desperate.
They want to ban Trump from debates, they bash him, gang up on him and now two-time loser Mitt Romney is called in to speak.
It is getting really laughable.
They can’t beat Trump and they know it.
The Republican Party is all about power and control and they have lost it all to Donald Trump and they can’t take it.
The GOP is showing its true cowardly colors.
All of this is hurting the Republicans and helping Trump.
The Republican Convention in July will be fun to watch.

George Vreeland Hill

GOP Wants To Ban Trump From Future Debates

March 3, 2016

Many Republicans want Donald Trump banned from future debates.
They are obviously afraid of him.
They don’t like the fact that Trump has made the Republican Party look weak.
They want to stop the Trump machine from rolling on.
They do not want him getting any more votes.
However, the GOP has no power when it comes to votes.
The people do.
For years now, Americans have been saying no to Republicans.
The GOP is not for the people, but for themselves.
They crave power and control.
Donald Trump has taken both from them.
The Republicans don’t like it.
Too bad.
We the people have had enough of both parties.
We are sick of the lies, the control, the issues that do not get addressed, the spending, crooked politics, illegals, open borders and on and on and on.
Donald Trump will fix this country and he will do it his way.
Not the way the Republicans want it.
Not the way the Democrats want it.
Things will be done in the best interests of Americans.
We are going to fix the messes caused by weak leadership.
Americans will come first.
We will speak English and say Merry Christmas.
Those who don’t like it can get the hell out.
They won’t be welcome anyway.
We are taking this country back.
By force.
With votes.
For Donald Trump.
I am,

George Vreeland Hill