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George Vreeland Hill Speaks

April 3, 2010

Sarah Palin has got to be the biggest ass in this country.
Palin was laughed at when she was McCain’s VP choice, and she is being laughed at again.
This woman shook hands with power and now she wants that power.
Palin is full of greed and is running around trying to make herself look like a future president.
That will never happen.
Palin is a monster when it comes to power.
She told the Democrats that they are all fired.
Really Sarah?
It seems to me that you do not have the right to say such garbage.
After all, you were never hired.
So how can you fire?
Those remarks are typical of your nonsense.
That is why SNL put your stupidity on their show.
To those who read this …
Sarah Palin is an idiot who has no clue.
America said no to her before and this great nation will say no to her again.
She has no chance.
Women hate Palin and see through her.
Men do not trust her.
All Democrats laugh at her.
The Republicans do not want Palin as their choice.
For good reason.
Sarah Palin is an asshole.
I am,

George Vreeland Hill