Gun Control Now

Pistols, assault weapons and other guns that kill have no business being in people’s hands.
Society is out of control when it comes to weapons.
How many more children have to die before people realize that guns kill?
The NRA, the GOP and gun lovers use an outdated amendment for their rights as gun owners.
In fact, the Second Amendment was written in the 1700s to protect colonists from other colonists, Indians and to form a militia in case the British invaded their farms or land.
That is what gun owners use today as proof of their right to bear arms.
Their arguments are silly and have no base.
They claim guns save lives, but guns kill and kill.
They claim you will be safe if you have a gun.
If someone pulls a gun on you, it won’t matter if you have one yourself.
If guns are banned, yes, criminals will still have guns.
However, the number of guns will thin out over time as they will not be available.
Gun laws and background checks are not making us safer.
What will the new laws about clips do?
The only answer is to ban guns that kill.
The NRA has no answer to the problems in society concerning gun use.
They never will.
More and more people are fed up with it all.
People have a right to be free from gun violence and that right far outweighs any right to bear arms.
Mark my words.
It is only a matter of time before guns that kill are banned.

George Vreeland Hill


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2 Responses to “Gun Control Now”

  1. lwk2431 Says:

    “f someone pulls a gun on you, it won’t matter if you have one yourself.”

    FACT: Americans use a firearm somewhere between 100,000 (NCIS study) to 2,500,00 (Dr. Gary Kleck study) times every year in self defense, to prevent robbery, assault, rape, and murder.

    Interviews with convicted criminals show again and again that the vast majority will go out of their way to avoid and encounter with an armed citizen.

    In other words, you are an intolerant bigot who’s facts are largely wrong. The 2nd Amendment is just as relevant today as in the 18th century when it was written.


    p.s. Let’s see if you have the guts to leave my comment, or whether you will delete it.

  2. homeguntraining Says:

    So basically the author’s position can be summed up as “Guns for the wealthiest 1% and their bodyguards and 911 roulette for the peasants.”

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