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California Must End Can And Bottle Recycling As We Know It

January 19, 2014

California should end all bottle and can recycling for the general public.

The same goes for those who collect cardboard and other things for cash.

Sorry if that sounds mean, but the people who go around scavenging often leave a mess and sometimes get in people’s way.

It also looks disgusting to see people on Rodeo Drive and other streets here in Beverly Hills as well as other cities going through trash cans.

I know those people are trying to make a living, but to see someone picking through trash with bare hands has to raise a health issue as well.

There is half-eaten food in those cans as well as used tissue and God knows what.

But what bothers me the most is the mess those people often leave behind and the traffic backup the cardboard people create.

I was in an alley waiting for someone to finish loading cardboard in his truck.

Those people don’t care.

Also, I will bet many of the recyclers use the money for booze and/or drugs.

The state should end the nonsense and simply put trash bins around for cans and bottle recycling that state and city workers collect.

The money goes to the state and people get hired.

Yes, there is a better way to do things.


George Vreeland Hill